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Film Permits in 

Israel & Palestine

Highlight Films provides film permit service in order to secure filming in various locations in Israel and the West bank. We arrange filming permits and any required production services for your next shoot in Israel: 


Obtaining the proper film permits for video or photo shoots is a must in many locations. Whether it is a military installation, a religious site, a school or a building site, camera crews are often not allowed to film without the right filming permits. For reports, news and documentary productions, the film permit is often given for free, but it requires contacting the relevant authorities and coordination in advance, sometimes even before the location scout (recce) takes place. Obtaining film permits for film productions, and sometimes for corporate video shoots as well, may be more complicated as the filming may include an interruption of traffic. Our location manager will always know in advance what are the requirements and specifications of the required film permit, to be issued by one of the municipalities or the relevant public or government authority in Israel. We also arrange film permits for aerial filming of Israel. You may want to read more about aerial filming in Israel by helicopters and drones.

We are here to advise you about best way to film at your desired locations in Israel or Palestine, and will let you know which locations require the arrangement of a film permit and which are accessible to all. We have several very experienced production coordinators, or fixers, who will cut the red tape and make your production as efficient and trouble-free as possible. 


Film sets are obviously more complicated, as well as any location in which the crew or participants may interfere with traffic or require any special assistance from the local municipality or the police. In the last few years, we have obtained filming permits for many TV drama productions, commercial shoots and feature film productions in Israel and Palestine.