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Camera Crews for Documentary Films in Israel & Palestine

Since 1998, Highlight Films has provided camera crews and other production services for hundreds of American, Canadian, European and Asian film and video productions arriving to Israel and Palestine. 


We can provide any video, stills shoot or audio production with the professional crew and gear while keeping the budget low and using our accumulated experience to achieve an efficient and successful production. We have our own 4K and HD camera sets and prime lenses, grip and lights, as well as editing and post production facilities, so we can keep the cost of production competitive.


Both Israelis and Palestinians work together in Highlight Films. In many productions the visiting filming crews or production crews have to cross back and forth between Israeli and Palestinian territories. We know how to plan it right and which ways and procedures to follow in order to make the crossing quick, safe and efficient.

Here are some pointers and links for the camera services we provide:


Our camera crews and video editors work in all HD and 4K camera formats: AVCAM, HDCAM, XDCAM, RAW - all in PAL and NTSC.


Our camera crews are equipped with both Sony, Panasonic and Canon HD / 4K cameras:


Red Epic


Canon C-300m2

Panasonic Varicam

Sony F5 / F55 / FS7 /A7Smii



Standard camera set

When we send a camera set for a filming day, it will always come out after a full check in our lab. 

The camera will be sent out with a tripod, LCD monitor, memory cards and card reader, on board camera microphone, basic lights for interviews, batteries and charger. 

If there is no sound-man in the crew, we will also send a boom + 416 mic and wind cover, and a radio mic with headphones.



All our producers and professinoal crews speak English and Hebrew. We have producers and cameramen who also speak French, German, Arabic, Spanish and Russian.

Television Production Services
Highlight Films has more than fifteen years of experience in producing television projects in Israel, Palestine, Jordan and throughout the Middle East - from TV shows to documentary films in Tel Aviv, reality formats, documentary feature films, sport related stories and others. We will assemble the best local camera crews possible in Israel, the Palestinian West Bank, Gaza Strip or elsewhere in the Middle East for you to work with, and we can assure you the highest professional levels on all fronts.


Documentary Film Footage
Our 4K and HD stock footage archive of Israel is unique in many ways, but most importantly much of it was filmed for the express purpose of being used in a documentary film. Some of the footage in our library was used in our own films, following the most significant events and locations in the recent history of Israel and Palestine,. If your documentary film, TV commercial spot, corporate or organizational video is happening elsewhere, and you need only a few minutes from Israel, we assure you that we can get the best footage for you.